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You don’t want to miss: Webinar on Storyboarding Essentials and More

June 15, 2015 Yogesh Wagh Announcement

Storyboard is the blueprint of any eLearning course. Instructional designers and course creators mostly intend to create a good storyboard for their courses but something or the other hinders them. At times, it is their inexperience which leads to the apprehension of laying out all their content properly into the storyboard, sometimes it is the […]



A Comprehensive and Easy to Follow Storyboard Template for Free Download

June 3, 2015 Todd Kasenberg From Harbinger's Thought Leadership Forum

In my previous blog – Storyboarding – A Primer and Current Perspective – I identified common barriers and challenges to storyboarding. Based on my experience, I believe that storyboarding is central to eLearning course development. For any course, a comprehensive storyboard set provides a clear and approvable plan to all those involved in its creation. […]


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Storyboarding – A Primer and Current Perspective

May 14, 2015 Todd Kasenberg From Harbinger's Thought Leadership Forum


Those who know me would tell you that I have a disposition towards technocracy – I love to contemplate how processes can be improved and how tools to improve processes can be created and implemented. It made me popular, even a shining star, in some past career roles; it also earned me some enmity, especially […]


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Approaches to Adaptive eLearning Design

April 27, 2015 Yogesh Wagh From Harbinger's Thought Leadership Forum

In my last blog, I introduced you to the concept of Adaptive eLearning Design (AED). Today, I’ll talk about a few approaches we follow at Harbinger to create AED based courses for our healthcare and pharmaceutical customers. These approaches are easy to follow and implement and designed to ensure great ROI. 1.    Design Models The […]


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Harbinger’s specialization in Video & Simulation in Medical Education

September 27, 2013 Deepali Tharkude From Harbinger's Thought Leadership Forum

Harbinger has been seriously involved in applying videos and simulation in medical education for sometime. Medical education is a field that has long remained at the cutting edge of technology – both in terms of adopting technology as well as teaching technology. With the advent of e-learning technology, medical education has changed radically and rapidly. […]


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