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Edumercials—tasty titbits to strengthen your eLearning diet

December 22, 2015 Rahul Singh From Harbinger's Thought Leadership Forum

Edumercial or infomercial—have you heard any of these terms before? If yes, most probably you would have heard them in the context of marketing, where edumercial stands for ‘education + commercial”.  Generally, it is a commercial advertisement that offers education to its audience with a hidden objective of promotion. In this blog, I will be […]


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Augmented Reality for Learning – Digging Deeper

August 6, 2015 Yogesh Wagh From Harbinger's Thought Leadership Forum

Augmented Reality – sounds like a fantasy? Not really. It is in fact one of the most stimulating technologies around that has been creating a buzz in the learning and education sphere for a while. Over the past two decades, Augmented Reality (AR) has changed the way people learn by putting real world context to […]


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